The Base Hit

1270! That’s approximately 333 more Neutrophils (or, again, whatever the measure of Neutrophils is) than I needed to stay in the clinical trial. It took 5 blood tests in 3-states to get there, but I am IN, still on the team. I’m not a worrier, but I have to admit, it is a big relief. As I told Nurse Linda this morning, I just figured out the most efficient ways to maneuver around the NCI building; it would have been such a shame to waste that.

   Just as it’s hard to figure out what, besides the Sutent, is suppressing my white blood cell count, it’s hard to say why the number came up so dramatically in just two days. It wasn’t eating differently or getting more sleep (Thanks, NBA Finals). I did do some internet snooping (often helpful, sometimes dangerous), and read an article saying that short bursts of high intensity exercise could bump up wbc’s. So, no lie, I did 50 jumping jacks in the rest room right before I had my blood drawn. Now, it will be a ritual, until, of course, it doesn’t work. A run, acupuncture, and cupping have been rituals, too.

Dr Rajan lowered my dose of Sutent again, but he doesn’t expect the efficacy of the drug to be affected at all. But maybe, the side effects (like low Neutrophil counts) will diminish. We can only hope. Til then, I’m off to hang out with Emmitt Smith and Lucy for a few days til the Road to Discovery boys swing through Salt Lake and whisk me off with them to Nevada. Life continues to rock.